A photo of a fox and a small hedgehog

The Difficulty of Seeing Things From One Perspective

Once upon a time, in a peaceful forest, there lived two stubborn creatures named Max the fox and Oscar the hedgehog. Max was known for his extreme views on hunting, believing that every animal should hunt for their survival, while Oscar strongly disagreed. He believed in a world where animals could coexist harmoniously and peacefully. They both came from their own perspective.

This is a photo of a hedgehog and a fox where each has their own perspective

One fine day, Max and Oscar stumbled upon a delicious berry bush. They both wanted to taste the berries but couldn’t agree on how to approach it. Max insisted they should fight for the berries, as their instinct was to do so. On the other hand, Oscar suggested sharing the berries equally, promoting unity and cooperation.

Unable to reach a consensus, they decided to settle their disagreement with a challenge. They agreed to a race where the winner would have the right to decide how the berries would be divided. Max was convinced that his cunning and speed would secure him the victory, while Oscar relied on his persistence and endurance.

As the race began, Max dashed ahead, confident he would reach the finish line first. He ran at a furious pace, pushing himself to the limit. On the other hand, Oscar plodded along steadily, refusing to be swayed by Max’s speed. Max’s extreme point of view clouded his judgment, causing him to lose sight of the bigger picture.

Max was exhausted as they approached the finish line, while Oscar remained determined. Suddenly, a flood appeared in their path, blocking the way to the finish line. Max panicked, unable to cross the rushing water, while Oscar remained calm and composed. He found a sturdy branch, using it to create a bridge across the flooded path.

Oscar had won the race, but instead of gloating, he approached Max with empathy. He explained that their opposing views had led them astray and hindered their progress. Max, realizing his error, listened intently. Oscar encouraged him to consider a broader perspective that embraced compromise and understanding.

From that day forward, Max and Oscar became close friends, realizing the importance of finding common ground. They shared the berries, enjoying each other’s company and appreciating the beauty of their unique viewpoints. They learned that extreme points of view and refusal to waver could blind individuals from the possibilities of cooperation and harmony.

And so, in the forest’s heart, Max and Oscar’s friendship reminded all creatures that sometimes, finding a middle ground is far more rewarding than clinging stubbornly to one extreme.

Tom Rooney

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